About MCR

About Collage Room

Hi, my name is Cristina, I live and work in Italy.
This website was born to offer a pair of wings to my new hobby as well as to meet other people as passionate as me for this fantastic art medium.
Actually, I must admit that in general I was always more attracted by words than by images until… Autumn 2018!
In the past, I occasionally happened to create witty greeting cards for my friends’ birthdays by cutting out words from magazines’ advertisements. Then, last year I decided to illustrate some of my poems with cut-out images from magazines. You can see some examples hereinafter:

The result not only convinced me, but it allowed me to experience this new medium of expression which is exciting and potentially unlimited.
All my works are strictly hand-made: I think that the small imperfections given to the use of scissors and glue add to my works more soul and personality.
I still have a lot to learn anyway. I do hope that you will enjoy my works and support me along this creative path.
I look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions.
Thank you in advance!

Things I Like


16 OCTOBER 2019

On the occasion of the world’s first exhibition entirely dedicated to collage, set up in Edinburgh by the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, the online daily newspaper “2duerighe” talked also about MCR.


5 MAY 2019

To celebrate the 90th birthday of a dear family friend who was born in Genoa, I made a special Collage Cardbox, with texts and images inspired by the Genoan culture, such as pomes of Eugenio Montale, Giorgio Caproni and other traditional Ligurian poets as well as famous songs of Fabrizio De André, Bruno Lauzi, Paolo Conte e Gino Paoli.

You can see the final result right here.

My friend seemed to really enjoyed his tailor-made gift. And what about you?

8 MARCH 2019

On 8 March 2019, on the occasion of Women’s Day, the bookshop A TUTTO LIBRO in Rome dedicated a space in its showcase to Virginia Woolf. MY COLLAGE ROOM was pleased to contribute to this tribute with two works inspired by the life of the great writer.